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So what if you have big calves and thick ankles????

It is only fair to say that women love shoes a great deal- at least most of my male friends tell me this as they have to fight for space in the room ‘cos their spouse has her shoes everywhere! Well maybe some are not as bad as others. Some women love their shoes a little, some love them a lot and some are completely addicted….Shoeaholics I call them!


Well, what is important to note though is not all shoes suit all body types. I had noticed a beautiful young lady a few weeks ago who had fairly big legs or I should say calves for her size 10/12 body frame. And so I thought to myself- what shoes should a woman with thick calves and ankles wear or not wear?

Well, let’s talk about what shoe(s) not to wear if you have got big ankles & calves- Ankles straps are a big no no as they make your already big ankles look fatter.


I know that ballet pumps are the most comfortable, versatile shoes but sometimes the delicacy of these shoes can make the legs appear larger.

One other thing to avoid will be mules- this is because the enclosed front of the shoe reduces the length of your foot thus making it appear a lot chunkier and shorter.


With such a list of shoes to avoid, I am sure you are wondering- Ha, what am I going to wear then?? Well, here is a few that I hope will put a smile on your face.

Platform shoes are perfect for you. They simply help balance your ankles and legs, and if they are open-toed- perfect! This will give an appearance of length. And oh- make sure your toes are well-manicured if you decide to go for the peep-toed option? ha ha ha

Although they can sometimes be difficult to walk in if they are too long, pointed-toed shoes because they make the foot look longer and slender, are a nice way to balance out the thickness of your calves.


If stiletto heels are not your thing and you do love your comfort, then wedge heel shoes can also be a good one as long as the toes are not enclosed and they don’t have ankle straps. They make you taller and also elongate your foot.


Now you know what shoes flatter your legs better if you have big ankles & calves! So clear the wrong ones out and get shopping for the right ones!!? lol

For my dear readers who don’t have big ankles & calves, I am sure you can’t wait to find out what’s best for you too; well, watch this space.

I will be back!

…And oh, by the way, the summer sales are still on so – get shopping!!!!


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  1. 1 Danielle

    Thank you for putting this up! I wonder though about big calves and small ankles… What type of shoe (also, what type of skirts would help)?

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