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If you’ve got thin legs and ankles, then…..

So as promised….I am back!

Having discussed thick ankles and calves a few weeks ago, I promised to write about what shoes to wear and not to wear for the ladies out there without thick ankles and calves. Well, as I am one, I think this should be fairly easy. I have to say I have got fairly thin legs and ankles and with a shoe size 6/39- I find I can get away with most types of shoes.

Oh…the look of envy on my friends faces when we go shoe shopping- every shoe I try on fits like a glove! And of course as you can imagine- that has made being a shoeaholic very easy *wink wink*

So let’s get straight to the point. With skinny legs you can generally pull off any type of shoe, but which ones should you avoid?
Large chunky shoes or shoes with bulky heels make thin legs and small ankles look smaller and out of balance because the largeness of the shoes overpower the leg.


h shoes is the thick wedge heels. Whilst wedges add definition and shape to thick/heavy ankles, making them look thinner; a thick wedge heel like the ones below will make really skinny ankles appear thinner.

I am not to wear wedges!? I hear you ask me. Its one of the most comfortable ways to wear heels, you add. I agree with you – so if you have to wear them, try wedges without chunky thick heels like these ones – you can get away with them slightly. Sure I can hear you sigh in relief. Phew!

One to suc

It’s not news that stilettos have a way of making us look elegant, or should I say – attractive and classy. However, if you have thin legs and ankles, you should avoid extra thin stiletto heels! Avoid thin teetering heels as they look like they are going to snap under the weight of your body.

Okay, so I cannot wear heels? No, that’s not what I mean – you sure can wear heels but not those thin ones. I mean, shoes have more attitude than any other accessory and not only does it affect the way you look but how you feel and move! So heels that allow you move with grace and ease are a better way to go….check out these out which include the patent shoes which are sooo in right now….

Talking about comfortable heels, I have a confession! I fell in love with this pair I bought last weekend…and guess what? I loved them so much I bought them in two different colours….lol

So let’s talk about what to wear. As I said earlier on, you can get away with most styles – but some work even better.

Flats/ Ballet Pumps. They are the shoes I can’t live without. One word – Comfort! They sure are always a good choice.

Whilst talking about flats and comfortable shoes, ladies with thin legs can pull off long gladiator sandals….

Finally, if you have got thin ankles, then shoes with ankle straps are great! Because they create visual width, they are an ideal solution. Just make sure you go for thicker ankles straps as it enhances the thickness of your legs.

So now you know! Get shopping for the right pairs….
To my fellow ladies out there with thin legs and ankles, here is to you shopping and getting all the amazing styles of shoes out there for you.

On another note, as I write this blog this early Friday morning – there is an announcement on BBC1 news about a possible ban on women wearing stilettos to the work place especially with employers who insist female employees wear heels to work. Michelle Dewberry, an Apprentice winner from a few years ago argues she will not be found dead without heels in the work place as it affects her confidence. Hahaha….interesting debate.

Anyway, till we catch up again keep your head up whatever shoe you are wearing- flats or heels!!!

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11 Responses to “If you’ve got thin legs and ankles, then…..”

  1. 1 56


  2. 2 dulce

    very helpful thx

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    There is a great share of your knowledge in the field in this post. I like how you put things. I’ve added the feed to my Google Reader RSS subscriptions and will give you a mentioning over at my blog. I did have an issue with how quick this blog entry loaded. Might be a problem to optimize.

  4. 4 Loyce

    i have a comment. what about me, my ankles are so small that I can’t wear most of the shoes you said I should go with. Any shoe that has a strap that goes across the from of my foot is a no- no. They look like I am a little girl walking around in her mothers shoes. finding cute shoes are so hard because all the best ones have straps or bands that go if not on, past my ankle and it looks ridiculous on me. I have small feet so every shoes does fit me, until you look up and see how terribly tiny my ankles are.

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  6. 6 renne

    great it is,and thanx a lot

  7. 7 esmeralda

    this is very helpful but it really does dissapoint me that i can’t wear high pumpss since i love high high heels, thanks to my crazily thin ankles i hate this! but thanks.

  8. 8 source

    This blog is pretty cool! How can I make one like this !?

  9. 9 Zoe

    I love all the shoes you have placed above, apart from stilettos. I love heels and flats but my partner does not like me in flats. He prefers me to wear heels as he said it defines my legs nicely but not only do I have thin ankles and calves but I also have very thin thighs. I would love move ideas on what’s best for me if anyone can help. I’d be much grateful. Thanks.

  10. 10 Laura

    What shoes can a teenager with EXTREMELY thin calves and ankles wear.. I’m going to this prom type deal and I’m wearing a high low dress but I just can’t find any heels that fit my very thin legs :((

  11. 11 D.

    Thank you for being frank and up front. I too have thin legs and ankles. I avoid showing my legs because I hate to way the look. However, I need to wear a dress for an event and a long dress will not do. I will buy some thick-strapped ankle shoes for my event as you have suggested. Thanks so much.

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